Real application

Real application of Johnider V2 FA ::: Oriental melon CGMMV control (2)

Johnider V2 FA for foliar application

  • Host : Oriental Melon
  • Early symptoms of CGMMV appear, growth performance is extremely poor harvest is difficult.
  • Almost a complete loss due to poor growth and very poor harvest.
  • Johnni-der V2 FA is used on oriental melon infected with CGMMV twice in a four-day interval.
  • After two consecutive applications of Johnider V2 FA, the growth returned to near normal.
  • Before

    June 9, 2021
    Poor growth and no yield due to CGMMV incidence

  • After

    Growth on June 19, 2021
    After two Johnider V2 FA treatments at 3-day intervals
    Growth restored at the site of plant death