Real application

Real application of Johnider V2 FA ::: Chilli pepper TSWV control

Johnider V2 FA for foliar application

  • Host : Chilli pepper
  • Ring spot, a typical symptom of TSWV, was identified and diagnosed as TSWV.

  • 1. Trial method
    1. We conducted the consecutive second spray of Johnider V2 FA at the interval of 4 days on the field where TSWV seriously occurred in June, 2017
    2. We allocated untreated control on the same field to verify the effectiveness of Johnider V2 FA
  • 2. The result of Johnider V2 FA treatment
    1. 2-1. Johnider V2 FA treatment plot : New shoot growth and normal growth & development at the growing point damaged by TSWV

      New shoot growth of TSWV infected chili pepper

      Normal growth & developmentat Johnider V2 FA treatment plot

    2. 2-2. Untreated plot : Partial withering as TSWV symptom of develops
      • TSWV symptom on untreated control

      • Fruit necrosis at untreated control plot

      New shoot necrosis at untreated plot

    • Real application case of Johnider V2 FA ::: Chilli pepper TSWV